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Quality Heating and Plumbing Services In Narbonne, Aude

About Us

We are a company providing heating and plumbing services based in Narbonne, Aude.

We carry out all types of maintenance work specialising in  the servicing, repairs and replacement of gas, oil and electric boilers.

We have a vast experience of over 30 years and hold the current RGE Chauffage + and PG (professional gas) qualifications

Services We Are Offering

“Why should we have a boiler serviced annually? Here is why…”

The primary reason for carrying out an annual boiler service is to ensure the boiler is running safely.Our vast experience in gas and oil safety is second to none.
CO (carbon monoxide) is an odourless, silent killer and a full combustion safety test is insured on each of our full services.
Having your boiler cleaned and analysed with our top of the range equipment, will not only extend it’s lifespan but also ensure it operates as energy efficiently as possible.
Included in our full boiler service is a complete and thorough energy management study.We take immense pleasure in reducing our clients annual fuel bills as well as lowering the planet’s carbon footprint at the same time.
We feel it is very important to find and rectify a future breakdown before it arises.
An annual service often avoids cold winter emergency callouts and household disruption.
It is very well known that an annual boiler service is a strict legal requirement for insurance policies as well as for landlords and tenants alike.

We undertake all types of repairs and maintenance on all types of central heating and hot water systems.
Gas, oil and electric.
This may range from a no heating or hot water emergency call out, to a water or gas leak, as well as all system improvements and upgrades.
Having over 30 years experience, we are fully committed in serving our clients as promptly and as professionally as possible. 

We are very proud to be fully RGE Chauffage + qualified.
Our company is recognised by the French state to carry out energy saving boiler replacements, lowering global CO2 emissions.
We take pride in ourselves to contribute to a greener planet and we only install the most energy efficient class A energy condensing boilers.
Condensing boilers are the most energy efficient boilers and are capable of reducing energy consumption from 20-30% of a non-condensing model.
We offer a free no obligation site survey and quote , helping our client understand and obtain any available grants or financial help that may be available.   

Get The Best Heating Services

Get The Best Heating Services

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Chauffagiste professionnel basé à Narbonne

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In addition to our main services we also offer the following services.
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We offer annual boiler service contracts that gives our clients peace of mind all year round, covering eventual call outs as well as the mandatory boiler service.


We carry out most all types of gas maintenance. Including emergency work, inspections, safety checks, repairs or installation 


Replacing, repairing or descaling of all type of water heaters


We carry out all types of repairs, upgrades, and modifications to existing central heating systems, including electrics, thermostats, pipework, and valves

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